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"Brett has always been fascinated with the tactical side of the game. He constantly analyzes games, studies different tactics, and is a very good communicator. His experience as a player, and hours of training on his own has given him unique insight on how to train and hone technique properly. " 


- Dominic Adams of IBV (Icelandic Premier League)

"During a ninety-minute match, every player constantly has to anticipate the ever-changing situations and make split second decisions about which option to take."


- Rinus Michels


Coaching Foundations

MBP Methodology - Barcelona, Spain

Coach Uttley recently returned to the United States after living in Barcelona, Spain for 4 months as he was the 1st American coach to participate in the MBP Master in High Performance Soccer course. Click the image on the right to read about Uttley's experiences in Barcelona.


Our Top 4

Brazil vs Germany 2002 WC Final (2-0)
FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2009 (2-6)
Spain vs Holland 2010 WC (1-0)
Brazil vs Holland​ 1998 WC Semi's 
(1-1) PK's (4-2)
TOG Main Focus Areas:

Tactical Insight and Understanding

Technical Mastery

Psychological Strength

Physical Intelligence

Focus Areas & Training Videos

Applying Our Method

Our Method In Action

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