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Help 'Guide' Your Players

“Youth prefer to be stimulated instead of being instructed.” – Johan Wolfgang von Goethe The guided discovery methodology is an effective coaching style because it challenges athletes cognitively, which stimulates a sense of game intelligence. According to Sam Snow (2007), “The essence of this method is a particular coach-player relationship in which the coach’s sequence of questions brings about a corresponding set of responses by the player. Each question by the coach elicits a single correct response discovered by the player. The cumulative effect of this sequence, a converging process, leads the player to discover the sought tactical concept, principle of play or technical idea.” Within

Teaching Games for Understanding

“There is no greater power on the field than a players’ intelligence.” – Horst Wein Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) is a learner-centered model of teaching, which is intended to provide learners with an understanding of the technical and tactical skills necessary to be successful across a wide variety of games and the motivation to continue participation (Mandigo, Butler & Hopper, 2007). The TGFU curriculum model developed by Bunker and Thorpe (1982) consists of a six-step process including: (Mandigo, Butler, & Hopper, 2007) Game: A modified game is developed based on the developmental needs of the players. Game Appreciation: Players begin to understand how rules, skills, and tactics

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