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What is Your Style of Play?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Barcelona, Spain. We just completed the 15th week of the MBP Master in High Performance Soccer, which means we have one week left. During the week, Eric Lira was our teacher for all of the lessons as the MBP methodology took a major jump over the past 10 days or so, but I will explain that further at another time. The main focus of the week dealt with the ‘coach’ structure, which is the final structure that the coach must manage. Eric introduced the structure to us by discussing the ‘Strength Pentagon’, which is the interrelation between the coach and team. The ‘Strength Pentagon’ consists of five different aspects: direct supervision, optimization of abil

The Coach & MBP Family

Hello everyone and welcome back to Barcelona, Spain! We just completed the 14th week of the MBP Master in High Performance Soccer. It is mindboggling to think that there is only 2 weeks left of the course. During the 14th week, we were able to observe Dr. Rude and Eduard Fortet (Director of MBP Academy) administer a training session. It was important for us to see the MBP training methodology being executed by expert coaches in order to compare our practice training sessions to those of Dr. Rude and Eduard. For me, it was a great learning experience because not only were the training exercises well executed, but it was clear that Dr. Rude and Eduard were focused on stimulating the players wi

Implementing the MBP Method

Hello everyone and welcome back to Barcelona, Spain. Week 13 of the MBP Master in High Performance Soccer was exciting because after learning and studying for 12 intense weeks, it was time to implement the theories and training exercises on the field. In addition to the practice coaching sessions, we learned how to use the video analysis software that MBP uses for their tactical advisement sessions with professional players and had another physical conditioning lesson with Dr. Altarriba. Prior to traveling to Osona for the MBP training session, we attended the U19 FCB – AS Roma Youth Champions League match at the Mini Estadi. The match was exciting as Roma came back from being down 3-0 to ea

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