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Fatigue in Soccer

From a general perspective, fatigue can be defined as “an acute impairment of performance that includes both an increase in the perceived effort to exert a desired force or power and/or any reduction in the ability to exert maximal muscle force or power” (Gandevia, 2001). For a clearer definition in relation to the game of soccer, fatigue “is generally referred to as an inability to maintain physical and technical performance during a match” (Jan Van Winkel, Kenny McMillan, Paul Bradley, David Tenney, and Werner Helson, 2014). In essence, a coach’s training organization strategy must seek to progressively improve the team’s fitness levels in order to delay the onset of fatigue, which is detr

Physical Demands of Your Style of Play

The game of soccer is a complex sport that is a constant interaction between tactical, technical, physical, and psychological components. Thomas Reilly and Dominic Doran (2003) elaborated by stating, “Such qualities are needed in contesting and retaining possession of the ball, maintain a high work-rate for 90 min of play, reacting quickly and appropriately as opportunities arise and regulating mental attributes before and during match-play.” More specifically, Juan Luis Delgado-Bordonau and Alberto Mendez-Villanueva (2012) defined soccer fitness as, “From this perspective, “being fit” is to “play well.” And “play well” is to carry out the on-field duties in accordance with the game model th

A Review of Match Data Websites

“Football is too much of a game to be a science, but implies too much science to be just a game.” – Miguel Cardoso Due to the rise of big data, soccer clubs are beginning to implement the usage of specific analytics in an effort to increase performance. There is no question that data can help clubs and coaches make smarter decisions, however the challenge is to create appropriate metrics that can translate numbers (data) into useful information for the technical staff. After searching the web for free data sites, three sites were discovered that appear to do an excellent job of translating data to usable information. The three sites include:,, and www.whos


Hello everyone, and welcome to the final blog regarding my experiences in Barcelona, Spain studying the MBP Methodology. For starters, I am back in the United States and after a crazy holiday period, I am ready to share my final post on the MBP Master in High Performance Soccer course. I wanted to hold off on the final post due to the wide range of emotions that I have experienced since leaving Barcelona. Let’s get started. In the 16th and final week of the MBP Master, we learned from Xavi Garcia and Dr. Altarriba in addition to two guest coaches: Josep Espar (former professional handball player for FC Barcelona) and Agustin Lleida (Director of Physical Preparation at Pachuca (Mexico). In ou

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