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Player Development Process: Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my presentation on the Player Development Process from my own perspective and experiences in professional soccer.

For those that missed Part 1, I would begin here: Click here in order to watch Part 1.

Day 1 of MBP School of Coaches - Master in High Performance Soccer in Barcelona, Spain (2015)

In Part 2, the main focus will be surrounding the application of the coaching content related to:

  • Coaching the player through individual video sessions (structure, organization, and coaching details related to tactical fundamentals)

  • Discussing different types of specific exercises that can be utilized to train the specific contents (exercises per position, per line, and relations)

Player Development Process: Part 2

So, there you have it - the development process from my own perspective and experiences - academically and professionally.

My hope is that after watching this presentation, you have more questions rather than answers. In essence, to be in a state of reflection about your current processes in order to generate your own ideas as to how you can better optimize the player development process in your environment.

Enjoy the never ending process!

Thank you for watching!


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