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Regulating Intensity via Game Moments

Prior to illustrating how a coach could logically increase the intensity of a given exercise or training week, it appears that a clear application of complex thinking to the sport of soccer must be discussed first. According to Morin (2000) in Mallo (2015), “A system is represented by a series of elements which interact between themselves with the aim of reaching a certain objective.” The idea is that the “properties of a system cannot be explained by individually examining the parts as any change in these parts affects the whole” (Morin, 2000, in Mallo, 2015). In essence, “the whole has qualities that the parts do not have in them” (Mallo, 2015). In this case, the system is the team and the

A Deeper Look into Tactical Periodization

Due to the openness and uncertainty that exists in the game of soccer, the coach must view each training session as an opportunity to further improve the team’s ability to read and interpret the game in the same language. Castelo (2000) referred to soccer training as “an educational process that aims to develop the technical, tactical, physical and psychological capacities of players and teams in the specific context of competitive situations through systematic and planned practice exercises, guided by principles and rules substantiated on scientific knowledge (Raul Oliveira, 2014). However, before a training session can be planned, the coach must clearly develop their game model (style of p

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